Mila∞Miro was founded in Stockholm on Valentine's Day 2016 by Swedish-Greek entrepreneur and designer Emelie. Having run several e-commerce businesses in home furnishing since 2011, the idea gradually developed to create unique, bespoke throw pillows.

The first collection of pillows was called Midnight Sun. Its ikat textile designs were reflecting the fascinating color explosion the Midnight Sun phenomenon plays on nature!

Since then, Mila∞Miro has grown in popularity and size, and can today be accessed worldwide through various platforms and retailers. All products are handmade from Mila∞Miro Studio, Istanbul.

The keywords are Curiosity, Creativity, Solidarity and Positive Energy! 
Mila∞Miro by Emelie
Who are Mila and Miro?

Mila∞Miro are children, siblings, twins, parents, friends, lovers, couples - they are a reflection of you and your relationships. They are the source of happiness in good times and the safe haven in difficult times. They are a sense of belonging - they provide a home, and home is where you belong.

Fill your home with

xXx Emelie | Mila∞Miro